Book Editing

Book Editing

Gorham’s Greatest Gifts
A Retrospective: Baxter Memorial Library and Baxter Museum

David Arthur Fogg had already written one book about Gorham history and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Baxter Memorial Library where he served as VP of the Trustee Board, he decided to write another. This time, he would donate all proceeds to the library he loved and had served for so many years.

Fogg spent months researching the Baxter Memorial Library and the Baxter Museum’s
100-year history. Once he had his notes together, he asked me to edit the manuscript.

Over the course of the summer of 2008, Fogg sent me notes and a chapter-by-chapter draft manuscript. My job was to keep his voice and perspective intact while clarifying and fine-tuning the story.

Fogg’s book debuted at the Centennial Tea in September 2008. Right before the event, the author hand-delivered an inscribed book.

“Dear Dede, I dedicate this copy to you, for all the help to make it correct. Without your knowledge, I would still be working on it. I am eternally grateful for all your patience!”